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    YouthLead Ambassador Program 2020

    Applications call for YouthLead Ambassador Program 2020

    The YouthLead Ambassador program is a six-month professional development and leadership opportunity for young changemakers between the ages of 18 and 35 years with a proven track record in mobilizing other young people to have a positive impact in their community. Ambassadors play a key role in bringing the benefits of YouthLead to national, regional, and local groups of changemakers, raising visibility and awareness about the YouthLead platform as a resource and networking hub for changemakers.

    Details of YouthLead Ambassador Program 2020

    • Open to: All Nationalities
    • Deadline: 25th September 2020

    As part of the program, the YouthLead Ambassadors design and implement awareness campaigns on critical issues impacting young people; host learning events that contribute to knowledge, skill-building, local engagement, and peer-to-peer networking; and contribute their ideas on how to make the platform more relevant to changemakers in our network to the YouthLead team.


    • YouthLead Ambassadors receive a nominal stipend of $300 USD at the conclusion of their successful ambassadorship.
    • In addition, Ambassadors will be featured on the YouthLead platform, in the YouthLead newsletter, and in social media, announcements to recognize their work as a young changemaker.
    • Ambassadors may also get visibility with YouthLead sponsors and other relevant influencers. Successful Ambassadors may request a letter of completion upon the successful conclusion of their YouthLead role.


    • Be a young changemaker resident in a low-or middle-income (LMIC) country, as listed here, between the ages of 18-35 (at the time of application and through the end of April 2021).
    • Be active as changemakers in the youth-development sector at the local, regional, national, or global level, or must have some experience working on social issues. Demonstrated ability to organize community activities is an advantage.
    • Have an active presence on any of the following social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Experience in organizing social media campaigns, chats, discussions, etc., will be an advantage.
    • Provide a convincing description of how they will use YouthLead to engage new changemakers, both on and offline, and recruit new changemakers to the YouthLead network and platform.
    • The ability to access the internet to be active on the YouthLead platform, participate in conference calls and lead webinars as described above.
    • Have the availability to commit at least 4-6 hours per month.
    • Have created or be an active member(s) of a youth changemaker local, regional, or international network, affiliation, or youth club/group.
    • Be able to demonstrate how s/he plans to leverage his/her network(s) to highlight and showcase YouthLead as a place for changemakers.
    • Have a YouthLead profile that is at least 80 percent complete, including a description of his/her interests, work, and background. Applicants are encouraged to also post their projects in the “PROJECTS” section of the YouthLead site.
    • Possess good conversational English language skills and actively participate in conference calls with the YouthLead team in English. Knowledge of other languages (e.g., Spanish, French, Arabic) is an advantage.
    • Be self-motivated and creative.
    • Have strong collaboration and communication skills.
    • Willing and able to meet the requirements described in the role description above.

    Evaluation and Selection Criteria

    Applicants must meet the basic criteria of age and language knowledge, and will be evaluated based on the following qualities:

    • Past and current experience as a young changemaker;
    • Scale and strength of the applicant’s network;
    • The potential impact of the applicant’s proposed contributions to YouthLead and its network; and
    • A profile completed at least 80 percent on YouthLead Website (

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