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    The Best Career Advice You’re Never Told

    You already know how to polish your resume. You’re a pro at recruiting. You’re skilled at interviewing.

    What’s next? What’s the best career advice that you’re never told – but that you still need to make your career meaningful?

    If you do these 5 things, you’ll have a more successful career.

    1. Find a job that creates impact

    Whatever job you choose, make sure you create impact. There are so many ways to impact the lives of others. After using your product or service, make sure their life is better. You can do this by offering a superior product, an exceptional experience or having the best customer service. When you empower people, you will not only help people, but also feel the satisfaction of creating impact. You can chase the money or prestigious company. However, the job where you create impact will provide the most satisfaction.

    2. Don’t limit your career opportunities

    So, you decided to major in biology. If you want to become a doctor, go become a doctor. However, if you later realize that practicing medicine is not your calling, you have the power to change your career. Find related ways to share your medical knowledge with the world. You can research new treatments to cure diseases. You could invest in healthcare companies. You could become a biotechnology entrepreneur. You could help develop cutting-edge health policies to help save lives. Your last job is never your last job. You always have the opportunity to pivot.

    3. Become the go-to person for “that”

    Everyone likes a go-to person. A go-to person is someone who has more knowledge, skills or expertise on a particular subject matter than everyone else. Everyone wants to rely on this person because they’re trustworthy and everyone has confidence the job will get done. Be that person. Find your niche. Develop your expertise. Then share it with the world.

    4. Treat everyone with respect

    Your job title is irrelevant. Your alma mater is irrelevant. The size of your bank account is irrelevant. Treat everyone with decency, respect and kindness. That may sound obvious, but it’s one of the most overlooked things in organizations today. Somehow, as many climb the organizational ladder, they forget these basic principles. Don’t be that person.

    5.  Be a Do-er. Not a Talk-er.

    It’s one thing to talk a big game. It’s another thing to play a big game. People who tell you what they are going to do never measure up to the people who do the work. Don’t tell people how you’re going to improve sales, cut costs and start that new business. Demonstrate specifically through your actions. Go. Do. It.

    Source: Forbes

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